• We became proudly fully certified organic in early 2008, our certification number is 6250. We primarily produce organic milk. Our business is family owned and operated with tremendous support from the organic community, and also from the people who really enjoy the taste of our products!

  • We bottle the milk to order. It goes straight from the farm in Treeton to be bottled at the factory, delivered to Perth distributor that night, and we deliver the South West orders the the very same day. Fresh!!
    Why not try some Full Cream Milk from MROC today!

  • Where it all began

    Our Grandfather, Bert Togno, started dairying at Wanneroo in the late 1920’s, shifting to Wagerup with his son Frank, joining in full time in the mid 1950’s, the move was due to urban encroachment. The next move to our present position at Treeton was brought about by a mining company acquiring the Wagerup property in 1977. Peter Togno son of Frank, joined his father dairying in 1982 and commenced organic trials in 2003, certifying the entire farm in September 2004. We commenced bottling organic milk for sale in December 2005.

    From humble beginnings, we now bottle record numbers of milk each week, supplying many retailers in Perth and in the South West. Our full cream milk is pasteurised but unhomogenised, which allows for the cream to rise to the top.

    Organic production starts from the ground up, we use mineral fertiliser that promotes soil microbes and organic carbon in the soil. Our cattle graze on organic pastures supplemented with organic grain in summer. We don’t spray pesticides, fungicides or insecticides on the property.

    Our cattle are free from additional hormones and antibiotics are only used on life threatening cases with those cattle quarantined and sold conventionally. We remain opposed to GMO’s.